How to reinstall the OS using Virtualizor VPS Panel

This guide will guide you on How To Reinstall the OS on your VPS?  Follow the simple steps.   Step-1: Login to your VPS Panel. Step-2: Click on OS Reinstall.     Step-3: Choose the OS of your Choice.   Step-4: Enter the Password required. Step-5: Let the Process complete. It may take 5 minutes. Allow the OS to boot. You can see the VPS Booting from […]

How to restart the VPS Using Virtualizor Panel

This guide will help you out on how to Restart/Start/Stop/Shutdown a vps which is using Virtualizor Panel. We Have made step by step tutorial to do so.   Step-1  : Login to your Legionhoster VPS Panel Step-2 : Go to your VPS Details Step-3 : Click Restart/Start/Stop/Shutdown as per the need.   Step-4 : Click on VNC to view it direct from browser. Step-5:  Click on HTML5 VNC […]

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