Why To Choose Legionhoster among all the hosting providers out there ?

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We have received so many emails asking the same question, Why we should choose legionhoster.com? So here is why you should choose Legionhoster Inc.

What benefits you are going to get from Legionhoster.com ?

1.) Performance :

Yes we do care of the performance. It is the main thing we take care of.

2.) KVM Powered Servers :

We only provide KVM powered Servers. What are the benefits of KVM kernal?

Here is why ?

In Short : KVM allocates Dedicated specs to the VPS means if the main dedicated server is of 16 Gb then the provider can only make 16 VPS of 1 Gb Ram each. It means that each VPS will work as a small piece of dedicated server.


References :

1.) What is the difference between KVM and OpenVZ?
2.) Should I choose KVM or OpenVZ for my VPS?

3.) Cheap Prices :

You can compare all the plans from all the companies. We can bet that you won’t find any cheaper plan for what we are offering at this rate. We are providing the cheapest Website hosting plans and Cheap VPS Hosting Plans as well.

4.) No Difference in Linux & Windows :

We do not have different prices for Linux and Windows like other hosting companies do. We feel no point to do so since quality matters and with the quality we were concerned to provide the server at cheap rates and that is what we are doing.



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