How to change password of VPS using virtualizor panel



Here I will show you how to edit your VPS Password using panel. We have received many tickets regarding this and as a result I have decided to make a blog post for the same.


Step – 1 : You will need the access to the Online VPS Panel. If you are a legionhoster client then you should visit Add-on area under your product.

Step – 2 : Login to your panel. It should look like this.

Virtualizor Panel


Step – 3 : Click on “Change Password”

Step – 4 : Choose a password


Change Password using virtualizor panel


Step – 5 : Click on Shutdown

Step – 6 : Click on Restart

Step – 7 : Click your VPS booting from VNC

Step – 8 : Wait until your VPS boots up and then use the new password in your RDP/Putty.



I hope this tutorial will be helpful to many users. Please leave a comment in case you need any further help.



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