Why To Choose Legionhoster among all the hosting providers out there ?

Good day,   We have received so many emails asking the same question, Why we should choose legionhoster.com? So here is why you should choose Legionhoster Inc. What benefits you are going to get from Legionhoster.com ? 1.) Performance : Yes we do care of the performance. It is the main thing we take care of. 2.) KVM Powered Servers : We only provide KVM […]

How to restart the VPS Using Virtualizor Panel

This guide will help you out on how to Restart/Start/Stop/Shutdown a vps which is using Virtualizor Panel. We Have made step by step tutorial to do so.   Step-1  : Login to your Legionhoster VPS Panel Step-2 : Go to your VPS Details Step-3 : Click Restart/Start/Stop/Shutdown as per the need.   Step-4 : Click on VNC to view it direct from browser. Step-5:  Click on HTML5 VNC […]

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